We are a progressive and successful organization that has defined a new generation of outsourced accounting services. Our mission is to ensure a deep understanding of our clients’ activities in order to offer each of them an optimal solution to improve their business. Our philosophy is mainly focused on customer satisfaction, based on uncompromising integrity.

Professional integrity is the foundation of our company, defined and reinforced through our commitment and adherence to our core values:


Multibusiness provides services with the finest value and quality throughout the African market. To meet our customers’ expectations, we ensure that our team members generate enthusiasm and respond with extra effort in addressing our clients’ needs. Our pledge is to respond to each client inquiry immediately, and to return every call or mail request.

We encourage our employees to be open and honest with our clients. We constantly look for new and better ways to improve our business relationships. With our continued success and hard work, we now see that our vision has become a reality! However, we are not tired of improving ourselves and our business. We will keep improving our core values and continue to provide the best accounting and financial services on the African market.


Multibusiness’s culture is one of our most valuable assets and has steered us in the right direction for more than 10 years. Across the globe, we have more than 56,000 people committed to bringing our values to life every day and helping dynamic businesses unlock their potential for growth. Our CLEARR values: As well as a distinctive global culture, we have developed six core principles, known as our CLEAR values.